Osteoarthritis is one of the world’s major known illnesses that occurs when a person refuses to undergo daily exercise to relieve the leg muscles of being sore and strained due to longer periods of sitting or no movement for long periods of hours. The muscles in the legs get clogged along with the veins making it very painful for the person to move his/her entire lower extremities, which is why it is very important to conduct daily exercise to ensure that the muscles would remain active. Patients who are suffering from Osteoarthritis will be needing constant physical therapy, medication, and continuous exercise since Osteoarthritis can attack anytime if the human body does not remain active in the long run. They have also prescribed medication that would counter the pain and relief the muscles of soreness and strains but can have side effects if taken at large doses it can severely damage the kidney.

Most patients who are suffering from Osteoarthritis are obese and have unhealthy eating habits that burden the leg muscles with excessive fat tissues that builds-up due to lack of exercise. Despite the constant build-up of fatty tissues, most people tend to disregard this and continue with their unhealthy eating habits until it becomes too late when they start to experience difficulty in standing up or standing for long periods of hours. Osteoarthritis pain relief is usually done at first by carefully massaging the legs with the right amount of pressure to carefully release the tensions between the veins and the muscles. This is the most recommended treatment for the patient because it is all-natural in the long run and does not involve any drug medications, and also avoids any drug dependency since drug dependency can create more damage than good if taken frequently and in large doses.

Overall Osteoarthritis can be prevented if the patient is willing to change his/her lifestyle, such as eating habits, lack of exercise, and visits to the doctor can lead to certain complications, Osteoarthritis can occur even at a young age which is why it is best to teach the younger generation of the importance having a healthy lifestyle because this will prevent the occurrence of certain illnesses that might become a major problem if not treated well in the process. Medication when curing Osteoarthritis is always the last option because nothing beats regular exercise and a healthy diet that is excellent for the human body.