Cremation is the process of turning the remains of a dead person into ashes using extreme heat. The ashes are usually tiny crushed bones. The ash will be presented to the family of the deceased once the cremation process is done. People are cremated in a crematorium, while the machine that makes this process possible is a cremator.

Seeing your loved one lowered into the ground is an experience that many people would want to forget. The San Bernardino crematory ensures that you don’t undergo such experiences. It makes sure the dramatic experiences focus more on the deceased. So what is the process of cremation?

  • The coffin is placed on a raised platform at the location where the service is held. The service can be in a particular room offered by the crematorium or at a church or a chapel.
  • San Bernardino crematory, as most crematoriums, is usually held on a tight schedule. It is essential that you arrive on time, locate where the service is being held, and take your position.
  • Once the guests are seated, the service is held. The cremation process is usually 30 minutes long. However, a family can request more time, which is generally at a fee. At the service, the deceased’s family and friends are given a program that entails what will happen at the cremation service, the hymns, and the details of prayers and readings.
  • Anything of sentimental value worn by the person who has died, for example, jewelry, is taken off before the cremation process.
  • Once the service is done, the coffin is then taken to be prepped for the cremation process. If the service is being held at the crematorium, curtains move across the coffin or are placed out of view.
  • With the help of the funeral director, guests will leave the service. This is the best time to give condolences to the family and an opportunity to say your goodbyes.
  • An optional wake is held. Usually, it is done after the funeral service. Food and drinks are served at the path, and family and friends share and talk about the deceased’s memories.
  • The ashes will be ready for collection three days after the process. A family can provide an urn where the ashes will be kept or provide a simple container.


Every family is different. Speaking with a funeral director will help you explore what you prefer for your loved one during the cremation process and service. San Bernardino crematory will assist you in every step, whether you want simple cremation or a full service for a certain number of people.