Selecting the most suitable dog hotel can be a difficult task if you are new to it. Most people do not know the way to start looking for dog hotels. The easiest way is to go to Puparazzi LA and ask questions to help you understand the service quality. We have compiled a list of things to know about the dog hotels so you can select a better deal.

Ask about the facility tour

If the dog hotel is giving excellent services, they will allow you to visit the facility whenever you want. When you call the dog hotel to get the information, you should ask if you can come to the hotel today. You can consider that they are providing quality services if they allow it.

Ask about dog grouping

Excellent dog hotels group the dog according to their age and size. It is better to ask about the dog grouping before choosing a dog hotel. If they are following all the international guidelines of dog grouping, you can select this hotel. If they are unsure about the answer, you should avoid this hotel as it can become a safety issue for your dog.

Ask about staff training

Some hotels like to hire staff who are less trained. They can save a lot by hiring untrained staff. You should ask if they have enough workers to handle all the dogs as you can judge the quality of services by staff to dog ratio. If they have only one trained staff for many dogs, you should look for other options also. If the hotel has many trained workers for a few dogs, it is better to select their services. You can also ask if workers are trained by any internationally recognized training institutes. It is better to deal with this dog hotel even if a few workers have international training.

Ask about available activities

Some dog hotels do not have many activities for the dogs. Some have many activities at high rates. You can ask about the number of activities included in the package for your dog. Some hotels offer dog grooming services when the dog is staying in the hotel. If you can find a deal like this, it is better for you and your dog.