If you have chronic back pain, you may need spinal surgery. It is not possible to know about the type of surgery without consultation. We have seen that people do not know about the categories of surgery even after spine surgery. We have compiled a list of surgeries. It will help you educate yourself in a better way by knowing the details of the back surgeries.


Most women suffer from a disease called osteoporosis at an old age. Due to osteoporosis, the spine loses hardness. It can lead to spinal cord compression. Vertebroplasty is essential in solving this problem. In this procedure, a surgeon will inject cement-like material into the spine. Your spine will get stronger after the injection of cement material. It will also resolve the problem of spinal cord compression.

Decompression surgery

In this surgery, the surgeon will open the area of the spinal cord. He will do it by removing a part of the bone near the spinal cord area. This problem arises when there is excess bone growth in the spine. Compression can lead to numbness, pain, and weakness. Decompression surgery is essential to get rid of these problems.


The spine specialist will prescribe this surgery in the case of a spinal disc hernia. When there is a disc slip, it can start compressing the nerves. Nerve compression is troublesome because it causes pain. In this surgery, the surgeon will remove the spinal disc. The surgeons combine it with the decompression procedure. If you need to do more than one surgery on the spine, it is better to consult the spine MD. He can guide you regarding all the procedures in detail.

Disk replacement

When the surgeon only removes the disc, it will limit the mobility of your spine. Most people prefer disc replacement because it can improve spine mobility. Disc replacement surgery is the most common procedure these days as most surgeons are experts in this type of surgery. The latest type of artificial spinal discs maintains the perfect moment and height of the person.

Fusion surgery

This surgery is done when there is no other choice. Fusion surgery can restrict spine movement. A surgeon will attach two or more vertebrates using cement-like material or metal attachments. This surgery is done to avoid pain in spinal compression. Older people select this surgery as they already have different movement restrictions. It is the last resort when other procedures do not work.